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These earrings are made from a solid silver sphere with an antique diamond set. The silver is oxidized giving a unique appearance.

This piece combines the darkness of the black patina of silver and the luminous shine of the diamond sparkles.

Sold with gold clasps included.

All diamonds in this collection are unique in cut, size and colour, so there may be slight variations in each piece.


The collection Other Diamonds

With their subtle sparkle, old-cut diamonds are meant to sparkle in candlelight.

Other diamonds takes this iconic and atavistic stone and moves it away from the LEDs that illuminate jewellery shop windows, creating a series of pieces where diamonds float on the skin alone or in small clusters and show their real beauty with the impurities of the natural mineral and their irregular shapes.


Gold jewels should only be cleaned with non-abrasive products, preferably mild soap and water, and then dried with a soft cloth.

Jewels made of silver and brass remain shiny when worn often. Over time, however, exposure to moisture and air can cause tarnish, a dark coating on their surface. You can clean them with any metal polisher sold in supermarkets, rubbing gently with a soft clean cloth to prevent scratches. You can then wash them with mild soap and water.
You can also keep them in a drawstring bag of soft cloth that will preserve them from external elements.

Jewellery made of precious metals and gemstones can be washed with mild soap and water. If the back of the gemstone needs to be cleaned, you can use a soft brush to gently scrub the less accessible areas.


We know that buying a jewel that you cannot see is difficult. Therefore, you can arrange a call or a visit to our atelier to ask questions, share concerns, listen to suggestions and receive extra information on the pieces you like.

1. Book your appointment: Choose between visiting the atelier or receiving a call. Choose date and time. Once done you will receive a confirmation email.

2. What questions do you have?: When booking your appointment we will ask you to briefly tell us how we can help you.

3. Appointment Day: We will welcome you in our atelier or call you at the agreed time.


National: 8€ 24h + production time.
Balearic Islands: 15€ 24h + production time.
EU: 25€ 3/4 days + production time.

Other countries:
Request price and delivery time at

Our pieces are produced by hand one by one, with precision and care in our atelier in Barcelona. Therefore, your piece will have a production time of two weeks.


15,6 mm (Diameter) / 49 mm (Circumference) – Size 9
15,9 mm (Diameter) / 50 mm (Circumference) – Size 10
16,2 mm (Diameter) / 51 mm (Circumference) – Size 11
16,5 mm (Diameter) / 52 mm (Circumference) – Size 12
16,8 mm (Diameter) / 53 mm (Circumference) – Size 13
17,1 mm (Diameter) / 54 mm (Circumference) – Size 14
17,5 mm (Diameter) / 55 mm (Circumference) – Size 15
17,8 mm (Diameter) / 56 mm (Circumference) – Size 16
18,1mm (Diameter) / 57 mm (Circumference) – Size 17
18,4 mm (Diameter) / 58mm (Circumference) – Size 18
18,7mm (Diameter) / 59 mm (Circumference) – Size 19
19,1 mm (Diameter) / 60 mm (Circumference) – Size 20
19,4 mm (Diameter) / 61 mm (Circumference) – Size 21
19,7 mm (Diameter) / 62 mm (Circumference) – Size 22
20 mm (Diameter) / 63 mm (Circumference) – Size 23

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