Teresa Estapé
Teresa Estapé

Unjewellery’s pieces are the result of an intentional subtraction process. Pure in their nakedness, stripped of anecdote and adornment, emptied of almost disembodied matter, reduced to its minimum expression to show the atavistic, symbolic and emotional essence of jewelry. An aspect silenced in the contemporaneity by the purely ornamental dimension or as a refuge value to which the neocapitalist conjuncture submits it.

These are creations that respond to the condition of jewelry for its object, aesthetic and material dimension (24K gold); they are elaborated with the knowledge of the trade in which tradition, technique, gesture and emotion of doing are given, but violating the codes of functionality, durability and visibility with the intention of provoking strangeness. A moment of bewilderment in which to reflect on the dichotomy between price and value.

Exhibited at Galerie Bernhard Bischoff, Bern, Switzerland.