Teresa Estapé
Teresa Estapé

What Weighs More, A Kilo of Straw or A Kilo of Lead?


¿Qué pesa más, un kilo de paja o un kilo de plomo? (What Weighs More, A Kilo of Straw or A Kilo of Lead?), 2011. Installation. Madame la Marquise gallery, Barcelona

This intervention in all the rooms of the gallery is inspired by the recovery of personal memories of the symbolic concept of home. Minute organic drawings cover the walls of a small bedroom. Structures such as spiders’ webs woven with steel thread invade the hall and the corridors, and large sculptures with brass rods that act as protective and supportive legs are installed on the floor and walls of the living room. The formal and conceptual origin of this subtle, almost fetishistic display lies in the imaginary of a childhood lived under the shelter of a protective power structure that simultaneously provides security and imposes rules.