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REFUGE VALUE (Viena, 2015)

REFUGE VALUE (Viena, 2015)

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Valor refugio (Refuge Value), 2015. Installation. Goethe Institut. Barcelona and 2016 Kunst Haus, Vienna.


An artistic installation made up of fifty-one white DIN A4 sheets, among which one made of silver is camouflaged. The fact of being arranged on a white wall, and having a sentence written on them without ink further disguises them.


All the actions in this installation are exercises in the denial of value and formal invisibility. The economic subject of our day and age (transmitted by the traits that define the artistic task) dedicates in a free and natural way all the spheres of his life and all his time to unlimited productivity. In its turn, the market regulates exchanges and the value of things, in the same natural and at once invisible manner.

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