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Set of ring, catenary and earrings on a fine 18 carat gold chain. 
Numbered series of 100 pieces.


In the series "Unjewelry Chain", the artist uses a very fine gold chain to repeat the exercise of altering what at first glance appears to be a set of jewellery. Thus we see how, starting with a "Parure" - a set of jewellery presented, often in cases, and very popular at the beginning of the 19th century - Stapé once again transgresses the classical conception of ornament by using the chain as the element with which to enable another relationship with the jewel. 


In the set he places a ring which, when removed from the finger, loses its circular shape and becomes an indeterminate form, or earrings which remain attached by the chain and require a violent force to break it and become two parts, suitable for adjustment. The classic catenary shape, used for the necklace, is only visible when it is placed on the body. 

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