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SYMBIOSIS with Candela

SYMBIOSIS with Candela

It is a project of mutual transformation. A limited series of jewels created by Teresa Estapé and inspired by unique individuals who have transferred part of their personality to the pieces we present.

Symbiosis is made up of a series of jewels that have the special characteristics of the individuals who inspired them.


Candela Capitán

Candelas body creates space.
As she enters the scene, it seems as if her free, fibrous anatomy occupies not only its own space but several cubic meters around her.

Exquisite, tenacious, radical and fierce, Candela uses dance in an absolutely personal and unique performative way to question issues such as freedom and oppression, the ambiguity of eroticism, new technologies, the generation gap or cross-border relationships.

Her absolute mastery of her body and movements come from that girl who started dancing at the age of 5 and has not stopped. After her training in classical dance, she embraced contemporary dance bending the boundaries of the discipline in order to feel free and create no matter if the result is performance, dance, fashion, photography or sculpture, often preparing in collaboration with other artists./p>

I met her through our very dear mutual friend, Joan Morey, with whom she has worked on many performance projects. I had seen her piece “Mantis, three hours of coffin” presented at Loom Festival 2019 in which hes naked body was confined for three hours in a kind of glass coffin with twenty-five insects on her.

The combination of delicacy and rawness of her performance inspired me to create the pyrite gold and diamond series: unique compositions of cubic pyrites supported by the firm gesture of 18-carat Fairmined gold, invaded by old-cut diamonds that highlight the sculptural, multifaceted and fascinating character of this mysterious mineral.

Art direction and photography: Isabel Martínez @isabelitavirtual


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