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SYMBIOSIS with Ricardo

SYMBIOSIS with Ricardo

It is a project of mutual transformation. A limited series of jewellery created by Teresa Estapé and inspired by unique individuals who have transferred part of their personality to the pieces we present.

Symbiosis is made up of a series of jewels that possess the special characteristics of the individuals who inspired them.



Ricardo Fumanal is an illustrator. He specialises in advertising graphic design and collaborates with numerous studios and art directors working for GQ, Harper's Bazaar, Hercules, Metal, Wallpaper, Vogue Hommes, L'Officiel Hommes or Apartamento among other publications, in addition to his own artwork.

It is a handmade gold chain. Inspired by the classic Puig d'Oria chains of the 1980s, it reveals the beauty of geometric and flat links against the skin, playing with the full and the empty.

The clasp becomes the centrepiece: on it is an emerald carved in an irregular hexagon shape, more like a prism, which hides the clasp mechanism underneath.

The emerald is flat and a little dark (with a garden, which means not perfect and crystalline but with occlusions). There is an intention to let its characteristic striking colour show through, but it is toned down. It has the vocation of a "macabre" chain, albeit a tamed one.

We photographed him in his house/studio in Poble Nou in Barcelona a few days before he went to live in Paris.

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