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SYMBIOSIS with Cecilia

SYMBIOSIS with Cecilia

It is a project of mutual transformation. A limited series of jewellery created by Teresa Estapé and inspired by unique individuals who have transferred part of their personality to the pieces we present.

Symbiosis is made up of a series of jewels that possess the special characteristics of the individuals who inspired them. 


Cecilia Azcárate is creative director at Spotify NY. She is an all-rounder with extraordinary sensitivity. For years, she had been combining her mother's pearl necklace with Nike technical clothing and polarised biker glasses. Two days before we met in New York, her mother's necklace broke, "It's a sign", she told me when she saw the jewellery she had inspired in me. Seven nuggets of pure gold suspended on a thin gold chain (almost like a prehistoric amulet, like tooth necklaces). The "Cecilia" necklace on her black technical T-shirt, wet from the rain and reflected in the polarised lenses, became emphatic, more expressive and contemporary.

Cecilia rides her bike across the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan every day "rain, snow or shine". We photographed her on a rainy day in a coffee shop in Little Italy where she has breakfast every day, where we talked about the symbolic value of the jewel and its strength as a protective element.

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