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SYMBIOSIS with Carla

SYMBIOSIS with Carla

It is a project of mutual transformation. A limited series of jewellery created by Teresa Estapé and inspired by unique individuals who have transferred part of their personality to the pieces we present.

 Symbiosis is made up of a series of jewels that possess the special characteristics of the individuals who inspired them.


Carla Huhtanen is an opera singer specialising in baroque and contemporary music. A lover of the peculiar and the sublime, this Canadian of Finnish ancestry is a woman with a keen sense of humour and demanding to the limit in her work. The "Carla" necklace with two gold lines is inspired by the fine lines that define her physiognomy and the vibration of her voice. 


We photographed her at the Círculo del Liceo in Barcelona, a temple of modernism where time has stood still, a hidden treasure in the heart of the city. There, the marble sculptures served as models that gave life to the "Carla" necklace. She wears the necklace bearing her name at many concerts. It is a privilege to know that while she projects her voice giving life to the scores of Mozart or Verdi, the little gold bands glitter on the stage. An uncompromising jewel with decided finesse.

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