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SYMBIOSIS with Beatrix

SYMBIOSIS with Beatrix

It is a project of mutual transformation. A limited series of jewels created by Teresa Estapé and inspired by unique individuals who have transferred part of their personality to the pieces we present.

Symbiosis is made up of a series of jewels that have the special characteristics of the individuals who inspired them.



The "Beatrix" earrings are small mobile sculptures that reflect the artistic personality of this woman. Beatrix Ost is exceptional. Designer, interior designer, stylist, mother, sister, lover and muse, she has a beautiful motto in her life: “your body is a good place to be”. The jewels she wears are part of her, as is the scar tattooed on her forehead, which gives thanks to life for having overcome skin cancer.


We photographed her at her home in Virginia, USA, a timeless and magical place like her. Every corner hides wonders and is steeped in history. “My ears are so delighted with pearls-behind-doors earrings,” Beatrix wrote to me a few weeks after our meeting. That definition seemed perfect to me for the pieces: a composition of pearls that act as spheres and gold plates as walls, a small maze of reflections that on a larger scale could be a sculpture.


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