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RESISTANCE, REARGUARD (Barcelona, 2014-2015)

RESISTANCE, REARGUARD (Barcelona, 2014-2015)

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Resistencia. Retaguardia (Resistance. Rearguard), 2015. Mixed media on paper. The artist’s workshop/ shops in the city of Barcelona


This is open series of actions that intervene in the ordinariness of everyday events and in objects of everyday use. Packs of DIN A4 sheets are the support chosen as a paradigm of uniformity and standardisation. The packs are opened and manipulated without leaving any trace and are inserted back into the commercial circuit in an attempt to hinder the routine development of events, transcending regulations and social conventions.


These objects act as metaphors of unquestioned formats and routines. The artistic intervention is an attempt to re-signify them, disrupting the chain that breaks self-absorption and tacit acceptance.

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