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Libros, cuadros, monumentos. Construcciones culturales y veracidad (Books, Pictures, Monuments. Cultural Constructions and Veracity), 2015. Installation.  Espacio 88. Barcelona.


“The construction of a false wall in this project brings us face to face with an apparent reality. DIN A4 sheets are treated with spray to achieve a stony finish that is mistaken for the actual wall. The use of camouflage and of DIN A4 sheets is frequent in her latest works. This format allows her to superimpose layers, as she did in the work entitled Valor refugio (Refuge Value, 2014), in which a sheet of metal is mistaken for the rest of sheets of paper. In symbolic terms, DIN A4 is a paradigm of a product widespread in everyday use and standardised by industrial concerns. The characteristics of the actual material (cheap, fragile, flimsy) contrasted with those of the wall (solid, long-lasting), thanks to the use of the two opposed supports she challenges the notions of value, soundness and durability in connection with economic and cultural logic.


Estapé understands culture as an imposition that builds ideology and identities. In today’s development, the commercialisation of the arts and their use as soft power is increasingly obvious. To face the wall is to become aware of the importance of culture for individuals.”

Zaida Trallero. Curator.

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