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USELESS DRAWINGS (Barcelona, 2014)

USELESS DRAWINGS (Barcelona, 2014)

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Dibujos inútiles (Useless Drawings), 2014. Drawing and digital picture card. Arts Libris art books fair, Barcelona


An artistic project that focuses on the structures underlying the art world, highlighting themes such as the art object, the price of the art work and the legitimating function of the galleries and art circuits that display works.


The action attempts to divest three series of drawings of aesthetic expression in order to reduce them to their essence, that is not the actual outcome of the works but the account of the process of their creation: the time employed, the outline, the fatigue, the repetition, the steady hand.


The attempt to repeat a straight line over and over, and the insistence of hundreds of ink dots painstakingly erased are exercises in uselessness. Once the originals have been completed they are scanned in high quality, and twenty-nine identical impressions are then made on the same kind of paper. The original is interspersed among the copies, and thus the viewer has a chance of buying it unawares for € 3, the price of the copy.

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