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DE_CONSTRUCT (Barcelona, 2012)

DE_CONSTRUCT (Barcelona, 2012)

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De_Construir (De_Construct), 2012. Installation. Vinçon/Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelona.


An artistic intervention that displays the various stages of its production. The work is carried out in two phases. Phase one is staged in the shop window of Vinçon design store on Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia, a space chosen as an icon of a place ‘for looking’, given its location and its fame. The space usually used for displaying products is divested of its function and is invaded by a spiders’ web woven in its interior with steel thread that closes it, highlighting its ‘vacant’ cubic metres.


The second phase is staged in the great staircase at Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona. The same structure is built on the walls of the art centre, with the minimal materials, for in this case it is made of shadows. Six hundred fibreglass rods are nailed to the walls and, illuminated by a central light bulb, create shadows that draw the same reticle. If the light bulb moves, the structure is dismantled and if the light bulb is switched off, it disappears. The two installations are in place for around a month and a half and then they are taken down.

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