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DAS IST NORM (Tokyo, 2014)

DAS IST NORM (Tokyo, 2014)

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Das ist norm (That Is the Norm),2015. Embossed without ink on sandpaper. Fine Art Exhibition. Tsukuba University, Tokyo.


A series of prints embossed on industrial sandpaper. This support is commonly used for polishing objects, whereas the gesture in Das ist norm makes it the foundation of the print.


The printed motifs are excerpts of texts related to social order, indoctrination and lack of information, and reflect on the social control imposed in a non-coercive manner. Over and above the laws, religion, institutions and hierarchies that indicate social and economic norms, there is a silent and yet relentless power that indoctrinates us. Panoptical surveillance spreads at the speed of the modernisation of society, while the leisure channels that compile data and preferences characterise and control us, making us weaker as a collective.

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