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15 GRAMS OF SILVER & 5 OF GOLD (Barcelona 2021)

15 GRAMS OF SILVER & 5 OF GOLD (Barcelona 2021)

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The work "15 grams of silver and 5 grams of gold" is an installation made up of the remains of gold and silver that are generated when working in jewellery and that are normally reused by melting them down again to make a new piece. The starting point lies in rescuing these remains and creating, with minimal manipulations, compositions on the wall similar to possible jewellery, but without being portable. The fact that they are remains and therefore their forms have not been created with a purpose, if not rescued in the manner of "objet trouvé", again emphasises the possibility of "not doing". 


It is said "ceasing to do": through an ephemeral composition that is built anew each time it is installed on a wall with pins. The action stops at the waste material to reflect on how capitalist logic invades all spaces to make them profitable and consumable, transforming jewellery, in most cases, into a trend that is constantly renewed to provoke infinite consumption. 


Through her knowledge of the craft, the artist violates the codes of functionality, reflecting on the discipline from a cultural point of view and returning the jewel to its original and symbolic functions, by stopping to look at the remains and not making a new piece of jewellery. 


The installation "15 grams of silver and 5 grams of gold" was a finalist for the ArtsFAD Art Awards in 2021.

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