Teresa Estapé
Teresa Estapé

Care of your jewellery


Gold jewels only should be cleaned with non-abrasive products, preferably mild soap and water, and then dried with a soft cloth.


Jewels made of silver and brass remain shiny when worn often. Over time, however, exposure to moisture and air can cause tarnish, a dark coating on their surface. You can clean them with any metal polisher sold in supermarkets, rubbing gently with a soft clean cloth to prevent scratches. You can then wash them with mild soap and water. You can also keep them in a drawstring bag of soft cloth that will preserve them from external elements.


The natural, unvarnished wood of these pieces of jewellery is sensitive to water. Your wood jewellery should not be immersed in water or kept in high humidity. If it does get wet, however, immediately blot dry and apply beeswax or mineral oil to nourish the wood, rubbing with a soft cloth to bring up the shine.


Jewellery made of precious metals and gemstones can be washed with mild soap and water. If the back of the gemstone needs to be cleaned, you can use a soft brush to gently scrub the less accessible areas.